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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Linus is always right

Linus is always right: SVN users are stupids, GIT is superior. I am now starting to move my personal projects from SVN to GIT. When doing local development, GIT is by FAR much better then SVN: easier to setup ("git init" and you are done, and SVN?), it's the fast and it's branches are super cool. So, lets use it.

In order to learn how to use GIT, the best way is to use it. So I decided to start helping again in Arora (which is hosted in github). The result is that the next version will have a nice RTL user interface (I must admit, the bridge between JS and C++ in Qt is really cool), and you can also have i18n without installing the application. A nice side effect is that you can have local translations (different then the ones in /usr/local/arora/* in ~/.arora/i18n). This may help translators, to finish the translations of the applicaiton, even if they installed from source. If not in practice, at least in theory as the code is more or less there.

Back when I was studying, I had this class which was called "data mining", in which we learned a few clusterization algorithms (KMeans, PAM and a few others). We were given an exercise: to code a program that implements Clara. I decided to code this in Qt4, using QWT. As an exercise, I decided to clean it up, and save it in a git repository. I just finished uploading the project to github, and I am also planing a few other changes (move the code from the Qt containers to STL). The code is GPL3, so feel free to use and abuse. The dataset code is self containing and soon will have no dependency on Qt, so it may be-reused in other projects.

Since this is the KDE planet, here is the mandatory screen shot: