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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Removed Hebrew translations of Plasma 4.2.1

I just removed the Hebrew translation of plasma from the 4.2 branch, which means only plasma will not be translated to Hebrew. The reason, is that QGraphicsScene does not support RTL interfaces in Qt 4.4, and it's still not sure if KDE 4.2 does support Qt 4.5. Even if it does, it's still not tested.

If KDE 4.2 will work with Qt 4.5, the translation will get pulled from trunk again.

I hope that no more files need to be remove, otherwise I am afraid of going bellow 85% and in theory Hebrew will not be a supported language.


snird said...

That's too bad... but how this problem resolved with Arabic? or the Arabic language does not include as well?
I hope that as soon as possible Hebrew would be a fully supported language for KDE 4... my little sisters almost kill me when I move from KDE 3 to KDE 4 and tell them there is no Hebrew yet...

Kevin Kofler said...

See Thiago's post, KDE 4.2 on Qt 4.5 is tested by the fine folks at Qt Software. And it's also going to be what we ship in Fedora 11, and quite likely as a Fedora 10 and possibly Fedora 9 update even before that. So I'm not convinced removing translations to work around Qt 4.4 bugs is helpful.