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Friday, April 24, 2009

A reason to keep KHTML

I have read that people are not happy about KHTML. As one who spoke once against KHTML, and pro QtWebKit (or QWebKit?). This is why I want to keep KHTML:

Native widgets. Not emulated like WebKit/Gecko, but real Qt widgets. This means that I can have a text widget which fully supports BiDi (not gecko, not webkit, only IE has one... and KHTML).

Also, widgets get drawed funky if the direction of the page is opposite to the direction of your desktop on WebKit (you can see it in chrome, Arora and Safari). For example see the combo boxes in http://www.aljazeera.net/Portal.

Still, I think that KHTML is not something we can handle today. Sorry, even tough KHTML is great, WebKit is what the market needs, it's what we as a community need.


Alejandro Nova said...

What's easier? To fix WebKit to enable it to support Hebrew? Or to fix KJS to support Web 2.0? Without programming knowledge, I go for the former ;)

Anonymous said...

@Alejandro Nova: "What's easier?"

The former has to be done for WebKit, the latter can be backported.

Also, adding BiDi to WebKit only adds BiDi support to webkit (yes, really). You still get any other bugs that may be in there (such as text in input boxes being drawn on top of the borders), which never existed in the first place in KHTML.

Ariya Hidayat said...


Please report any more widget rendering errors, I will be happy to fix them.