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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Stackoverflow and Konqueror

As a huge fan of stackoverflow.com and one that is trying to reduce his usage of Firefox (Konqueror is faster, consumes less memory and looks more native) I had problem browsing to this given site.

When you try and associate the Google account with your stackoverflow account, I was redirected to the front page and I was not recognized. Today, I tried identifying Konqueror as Firefox2 (from Tools/Change Browser Identification) and I was able to login. When I was logged in I removed the false identification and the site is working perfectly. SWEET.

GMail almost works when you identify as Firefox2. The new user interface does not work (you cannot change... directories? folders?) and the chat does not work even with FF2 enabled.
This might work if I identify as a newer Safari... who knows...

This means Google are spoofing for specific browsers and hacking around problems (which do not exactly exist). Anyway, the user agents strings might need a little update... it's like they are stacked in the remote past... when we actually needed to spoof the browser identification ....wait.... what?


elcuco said...

bad google! OTOH blogger.com works... nice...

Juan_Pablo said...

Then, a solution is to do the same than IE did when Netscape was the main browser: Fake its User-Agent (That's the "Mozilla" part in the IE UA).

Dirty but real.